Your Safety Matters

Covid-19 has changed how we do business, but it hasn't changed putting your safety first. Shooter drivers as well as riders are required to wear a mask regardless of vaccination status. Because we take your health seriously our drivers and riders must agree they are symptom free, agree to wear a mask, and follow the guidelines set by the CDC before a ride takes place. This ensures everyone feels comfortable and can enjoy their ride with Shooter Platinum.

Background Checks Done On All Drivers

Every driver must pass a background check before becoming a driver with Shooter Platinum. We check for driving violations, criminal history, driving while impaired and anything that doesn't meet our safety standards. We are constantly monitoring drivers throughout the year to ensure they stay in compliance with our safety policy and procedures.

Driver Passcode – Be Sure It's Your driver

Shooter Platinum understands that your safety matters. This is why we have implemented a driver passcode. Upon entering a Shooter vehicle, your driver must give you your ride passcode so you know that ride is for you.

Driver Education

Shooter Platinum is a premium ride share company committed to great rider experience. We educate our drivers on best driver practices, safety protocols and our policy & procedures. We reward great drivers as an incentive to strive for excellence daily.

Vehicle Breakdown Protection

Never get stranded should your driver's vehicle become inoperable. If this happens, we will send a rescue vehicle to ensure you get to your destination. We understand you need to get to your destination and we are committed to getting you there.

Choose Your Driver

Feel more comfortable with a certain driver? You can request a male or female driver. We understand sometimes you just feel better about who's driving and we got you on that too.

Your Privacy Matters

Riders and Drivers personal information is never shared and neither can see each other's personal information, ever, even while communicating.

24/7 Support

We understand sometimes things happen that can make a ride not the best for you. Whether it's a concern with a dirty car, feeling uneasy with your driver, or problems with using our App our team is here to take your call 24/7 to assist you with getting your best ride with Shooter Platinum.


While driving with Shooter Platinum you should always dial 911 first to alert authorities before calling the support line.

GPS Location – Tracking Every Driver

Our God's Eye Technology allows us to see all our drivers in real time. We can see all routes and can track where our drivers are going. Our trained staff monitors driver routes for timely pick-ups and drop-offs. We also monitor driver routes for potential vehicle problems, delays or if drivers are not on course. Driver and rider safety is top priority and we got you covered.

Standard of Excellence

We believe in working together for the best rides with us possible. Everyone must do their part. When our policies and procedures are broken by the rider or driver, we ban them from the Shooter Platform permanently.

Safety Policy and Guidelines Updates

We are constantly working to update our safety policy and guidelines for riders and drivers as part of our commitment to safety. Shooter Platinum Premium Ride Share works daily to stay on top of the latest and greatest safety technologies and practices so that you feel safe riding with us.