How it Works

Enjoy 90%* of the ride share fee, plus you keep 100% of the tips you make. We know, money is why you are here and we want the very best ride share drivers on our team! We make it a win-win by giving drivers that maintain a good rating 90% * of the ride share fee (terms and conditions apply). Did we mention, weekly payouts, you keep 100% of tips you make, monthly incentives and training? That's the Shooter Platinum Premiere Ride Share Difference!

Grow With Us

We are growing and we have more to come. As a driver in good standing, you can qualify for even more money as we roll out new services too. We will alert drivers when these new services are available to sign up for.

Ready to Get Started?

Getting started is easy. Just fill out the application in our App, upload the required documents, pass the background check, and be approved. For ease of use, before clicking the link and downloading the Shoot Taxi App to sign up, be sure to have these things ready for uploading:

  • Copy of Driver's License
  • Proof of Driver Insurance
  • Driver's License
  • At least 4 pictures of your car showing Front, Back, Side and Inside.