Small Company with Big Impact

Shooter Platinum is emerging on the ride share scene with a fresh and new idea about how rides share services should work. We understand this isn't just a hustle for some, but a way of living. We are committed to better earnings for drivers, safety for everyone, and ways for drivers to earn even more for their hard work. Rider experience drives us to make a big impact by providing a better quality of service. We hand pick, drivers, and vehicles and monitor drivers to ensure they stay in compliance with our safety protocols. Learn more about our commitment to safety here:

We are growing

Shooter Platinum is a startup premium ride share company founded in 2019, By Great Life Technologies. Our mission is to focus on a better user experience by both the drivers and riders. The CEO of Great Life Technologies has a vision of taking Shooter Platinum to new heights by becoming the number 1 ride share service for electric vehicles, gig worker services, and premium services at affordable prices by 2030. We are a small company making a big impact on how riders and drivers get around the city and make money.